Are you ready to create a one of a kind outdoor space that feels like home but don't know how to get there? We are the experts that the professionals go to for all things plants. Let us take the risk out of your planting experience by helping you choose the perfect and unique plants that will thrive in your location.

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Due to our size and business model, we require reservations if you wish to tour the nursery. Otherwise, you can order online and have your order pulled for you for easy pickup.

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We are your neighbors next door and understand the unique challenges in each of your communities. Secondary Water? Deer? Clay Soil? There are conditions in Utah where some plants simply WILL NOT survive, no matter how much you love or fertilize them. Don’t want a high maintenance yard?

We are passionate about helping homeowners, expert gardeners, and novices alike choose the correct plant for your soil, skill level or even the time you have or desire to spend in your yard to make sure you have a yard that looks beautiful and supports your lifestyle.

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Simply create an account. You’ll then be able to request a Free Plant Review after check out! We'll take a look at your plant list so you can be sure your choices will be successful in your yard.

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Book a 1 on 1 consultation with one of our designers for some extra help.

Utah's leading nursery grower on innovative plants for the Intermountain West and their use in the landscape.