Looking for a partner who understands your challenges and will actually answer your phone call or respond to your e-mail? Call you back in a timely manner? Welcome to Progressive Plants, where we put our partners and customers first.

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We know how important it is to get the right solution quickly, whether it is plant availability or information you need to install your job. If you need more extensive help we have designers and specialists that can help with your design plan. Call us at 801-565-7333 or book time with one of our designers online

In Utah we often face unpredictable weather, poor soils, high elevation, and/or secondary water. Not fully understanding how these nuances affect plants can turn a thriving install into a warranty nightmare. We know what grows best in Utah because, unlike other nurseries, we DO grow much of our plant material in Utah. Want to see what we have available?

progressive plants wholesale
progressive plants wholesale

Have a commercial project?

We bid commercial too…For more information or to receive a quote, download and fill out our bid template and email us at estimating@progressiveplants.com.

Ready to be more than successful?

With us, you will have a trusted local partner to navigate these challenges. Because we've called Utah our home since 1985, we have a vested interest in YOUR success. This is our community too and we believe in making it beautiful and vibrant.

We understand that finding the exact plants for your customer is a full-time job - so let it be a position on our payroll - not yours. If it’s out there, we will do our best to find it. If it’s not available, we’ll find the most appropriate substitution possible.

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