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Incorporating the use of a landscape design professional should be the first step in anyone looking to plant their yard. Utah is a difficult place to plan which plants you should use, as our soils and harsh climate require regional knowledge and expertise to be successful. Fortunately, we have assembled an amazing team of experienced design professionals who can not only advise you on the plant choices for you to be successful, but can also help you plan an enitre landscape if needed. Whether it's a small space like a park strip or an entire property, these designers can help you save time and money by choosing the right plants for the right places.

Jessica was born and raised in the “Garden State” of New Jersey where her passion for plants was “cultivated” by her mother’s love for gardening. She has lived in Utah for over 20 years and loves this state’s stunning natural beauty and diverse options in plant choices. She completed a horticulture education program through Utah State and has been designing landscapes for over 7 years. Jessica has always loved art and drawing. She utilizes her natural artistic eye to design exceptional landscapes that achieve her clients’ vision while being sensitive to their level of experience and ability to maintain their property. She knows that most any style is achievable at various maintenance levels. Jessica is inspired by the people she meets and looks forward to creating a lasting partnership with her clients. She has worked with people at all levels of involvement; those who want to have input throughout the entire design process and those who are fine to turn her loose after she’s had a chance to get a feel for what they want in their landscape design. Jessica loves that every design is unique, and she enjoys staying current on new cultivars and design trends to create that something special for each property. She has worked with several independent landscape companies and helped plan irrigation and hardscape plans. It is not uncommon to find her at the client’s home working closely with landscape crews to place plants when this service is needed or desired. She also teaches classes and can help troubleshoots ailing plants. Her knowledge is vast and her passion infectious. Jessica is committed to excellence in providing a memorable and enjoyable landscape design experience. She is so proud to represent Progressive Plants and be one of the resident designers.

Ginny Harding Hooper started her horticultural experience early on as she weeded the family garden on weekends at age 8 for her grandparents 5 acre plot in exchange for swimming lessons. As a teenager, she went ventured into the wild to pick native plant seed her uncles for the Forrest Service reforestation program. Decidedly curious about plants, she spent eight years learning the garden store trade as she worked for Utah Roses through high school and college. The Geo- thermally heated greenhouses located on 9000 South in Sandy specialized in growing annual bedding plants, house plants, rose bushes and flowering perennials. As an undergrad student in International Relations, she took a residential landscape design class as an art elective and enjoyed it so much she decided to study Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at Utah State University. Since earning a Masters in the LAEP program and a certificate in Natural Resource and Environmental Planning, Ginny has worked for the Arnold Arboretum in Boston, The City of West Jordan, Allstates Landscaping in Draper, and is now designing for residential clients in the Tooele Valley Area. Her designs have won awards at the Utah Home and Garden Show and interviews with Joy Bossi and Fox News. She now serves as President Elect for the Tooele County Master Gardener’s Extension Program and is looking forward to this year’s garden tour venue. Ginny’s designs are driven by her clients aesthetic and functional needs, expected maintenance commitments, water use, and landscape budget. She is a master of plant design, innovative, and especially adept at including native, water wise, and edible plants into small or large acreage yards.

Originally from southern California, Michelle Coker has been working with water efficient landscapes for the past 14 years. With a background in Interior Design, Michelle changed her focus and combined her love for nature and design to earn a degree in horticultural science. Over the years she’s had working experience at botanical gardens, retail nurseries and as a design consultant for the Jordan Valley Water Conservation District (JVWCD). Currently she owns Gardenflow Designs, a company offering horticultural consultations and landscape designs. Michelle believes that continuing education is key to developing designs that are most beneficial to the homeowner. She has certifications as a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) and a Utah Certified Nursery Professional (UCNP), is a member of the Utah Nursery and Landscape Association, and is a Professional Partner with Localscapes Rewards, one of JVWCD’s water efficient rebate programs. While working with plants that thrive in our harsh Utah environment, Michelle realized the need for a new kind of landscape; one that fits the cultural shift our families and communities are experiencing. Landscapes that require less maintenance, yet are highly attractive and functional, more wildlife friendly, and considerably more water efficient are not only in demand, they’re in need. She focuses on anchoring these elements to our landscapes and integrating our homes’ watershed into her designs. Michelle enjoys sharing her knowledge, providing the vision of enjoying your home’s outdoor landscape, and finding the balance and flow that sustain our landscapes well into the future.

M'Li Hoki- Utah County

Ornamental Design and Edible Landscaping

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M’Li has always loved plants and what they can do for the soul when properly placed in a landscape. They needed to provide color, texture, food for pollinators and birds, or food. She graduated from BYU in 2012 with a bachelor’s in landscape management and as a Certified Landscape Professional through NALP. After graduating from BYU she worked at a nursery so she could learn more about the plants that grow well in Utah. She also volunteered at the Conservation Garden Park in Orem to further her understanding of water efficient landscaping. She has assisted Pleasant Grove City in developing a water conservation plan for the residents. She is also became a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) through the State of Utah. She started working with Alpine Lawn and Landscape in 2013 and bought out the company at the end of the year, spent 4.5 wonderful years managing 2 crews and taking care of high-end residential properties in Northern Utah County and then sold her company at the end of 2018. She has the deep need to share the love and knowledge about plants, landscapes and water efficiency with others, and started her own design company, Water Wise Designs in 2017. Progressive Plants is proud to partner its services with her.

Karla is a licensed landscape architect with a Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning from Utah State University. Her project experience ranges from residential, civic, and educational landscapes to parks and open space planning. In her travels, she is always in awe of the varied landscapes of each state and country, and she appreciates God’s hand in the natural beauty of the earth. Karla utilizes simple, straight-forward design techniques to solve challenging situations and create incredible places. She will use creative solutions to help you identify the best options for your yard.